אנגלית - ביניים

Level C (Intermediate)

Side-by-Side:  Student Book 3; Activity Workbook 3; CD-ROMs for Lab work
Audio and video materials available in the language lab
Enrichment materials and computer-assisted exercises both in the lab and at home (

Topics Grammar
1.Describing habitual and ongoing activities; telling about likes and dislikes; describing frequency of actions; telling about personal background and interests  Simple present tense, present continuous tense; subject and object pronouns; possessive adjectives; time expressions
2.Reporting past activities, mishaps; difficult experiences; describing a trip  Review: Past Simple tense (regular and irregular verbs); past continuous tense
3.Describing future plans and intentions; telling about the future; expressing time and duration; talking on the telephone; plans for the future; asking a favor Review:
Future: Going to
Future: Will
Future Continuous Tense
Time expressions; possessive pronouns
4.Describing actions that have occurred; describing actions that haven’t occurred yet; making recommendations; things to do where you live; making lists  Present Perfect Tense
5. Discussing duration of activity; medical symptoms and problems; career advancement; telling about family members Present Perfect vs. Present Tense
Present Perfect vs. Past Tense
Since / For
6.Discussing duration of activity; reporting household repair problems; describing tasks accomplished; reassuring someone; describing experiences; job interviews Present perfect continuous tense
7. Discussing recreation preferences; discussing things you dislike doing; habits; describing talents and skills; telling about important decisions Gerunds; infinitives
Review: Present perfect
Present perfect continuous tenses
8. Discussing things people had done; discussing preparations for events; describing consequences of being late; discussing feelings; describing accomplishments Past perfect tense, past perfect continuous tense
9.Discussing when things are going to happen; remembering and forgetting; discussing obligations;  asking for and giving advice; school assignments; making plans by telephone; talking about important people in your life; shopping for clothing Two-word verbs: separable, inseparable
10.Coincidence; asking and giving reasons; describing people’s backgrounds, interests and personalities; looking for a job; referring people to someone else; discussing opinions; describing people’s similarities and differences Connectors: and…too, and…either, so, but, neither