אנגלית - מתקדמים

Level D (Advanced)


- Side-by-Side:  Student Book 4; Activity Workbook 4; CD-ROMs for lab work
- Audio and video materials available in the language lab
- Enrichment materials and computer-assisted exercises both in the lab and at home (

Topics Grammar
1.Describing actions that have occurred and that haven’t occurred; discussing duration of activity; discussing things that people have done Present Perfect Tense, Present Perfect Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Tense, Past Perfect Continuous Tense
2.Evaluating people’s activities; expressing possibility; making deductions; expressing concern about others; apologizing; recounting difficult situations Perfect modals: should have, might have, could have, may have, must have
3.Discussing creative works; describing tasks accomplished; securing services; automobile repairs; historical narratives; discussing opinions Passive voice, relative pronouns
4.Asking for information; indicating uncertainty; referring people to someone else; reporting a crime’ reporting a missing person Embedded questions
5.Describing plans and intentions; consequences of actions; discussing future events; expressing hopes, asking for and giving reasons; making deductions; emergencies Conditional: Present Real (If_____Will), Present Unreal (If_______Would);hope-clauses
6.Advice, expressing wishes; job satisfaction; ability; asking for and giving reasons; life in cities and suburbs Present unreal conditional (continued); wish-clauses
7. Asking for and giving reasons; making deductions; discussing unexpected events; expressing wishes and hopes; consequences of actions; rumors Past unreal conditional (If________Would  have); wish-clauses (continued)
8.Reporting what people have said; reporting information; expressing surprise; Indicating lack of prior knowledge; leaving, taking and conveying messages; job interviews; asking for and giving reasons; discussing feelings; advice Reported speech, sequence of tenses
9.Reporting and verifying  information; expressing surprise; congratulating; initiating topics; expressing opinions; expressing agreement; writing a personal letter and a personal memo; performance on the job Tag questions; emphatic sentences
10.Invitations; expressing disappointment; calling attention to people’s actions; apologizing; giving reasons; decision-making Review: verb tenses, conditionals, gerunds