אנגלית - טרום ביניים

Level B (Pre-Intermediate)
Side-by-Side: Student Book 2; Activity Workbook 2; CD-ROMs for Lab work
Audio and video materials available in the language lab
Enrichment materials and computer-assisted exercises
both in the lab and at home (
Topics Grammar
1.Describing Present, Past, and Future Actions; Birthdays and Gifts; Telling About Friendships Review of Tenses: Simple Present, Present Continuous, Simple Past, Future; Time Expressions
2.Food, Buying Food; Being a Guest at Mealtime; Describing Food Preferences Count/Non-Count Nouns
3. Describing Food; Recipes; Eating in a Restaurant Count/Non-Count Nouns, Partitives, Imperatives
4. Telling about the Future: Probability, Possibility, Warnings Future Tense: Will; Time Expressions, Modal verbs: Might
5.Making Comparisons; Expressing Opinions: Agreement and Disagreement; Advice Comparatives; Possessive Pronouns, Modal verbs: Should
6.Describing People, Places, and Things; Shopping in a Department Store; Expressing Opinions Superlatives
7.Getting Around Town; Public Transportation Imperatives; Directions
8.Describing People’s Actions; Describing Plans and Intentions; Consequences of Actions Adverbs, Comparative of Adverbs, Agent Nouns, If-Clauses
9.Describing Ongoing Past Activities Past Continuous Tense; Reflexive Pronouns; While-Clauses
10.Expressing Past and Future Ability; Expressing Past and Future Obligation; Giving an Excuse Modals and Semi-Modals: Could, Be Able to, Have Got to; Too + Adjective
11.Medical Examinations; Medical Advice; Health; Nutrition Past Tense Review; Count/Non-Count Noun Review; Modal Verbs: Must, Mustn’t vs. Don’t Have to, Must vs. Should
12.Describing Future Activities; Expressing Time and Duration; Making Plans by Telephone Future Continuous Tense;Time Expressions
13.Offering Help; Indicating Ownership; Household Problems; Friends Some/Any; Pronoun Review; Verb Tense Review